Rosalie Yu is a visual designer, creative coder, maker and painter. Her work draws inspiration from the fields of cognitive science, storytelling, art and technology. It also spans multiple artistic platforms including interactive installation, live performance and conceptual art.  She strives to incorporate narratives in her art in order to to explore the connection of our daily lives to emerging 3D technologies, and to bridge human and machine intelligence.

Yu is a Master’s candidate (’15) at NYU’s interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).  She is a visual artist with a BA in psychology and film from UCLA.

Now though she’s excited about and proficient in the creative use of digital technologies, she’s convinced that there is something about the touch of human hands on paper that is missing from current tools and can’t be replaced. She is trying to preserve this delicate, organic interaction in her work. The possible connections of analog and the power of technology are the frontier in which she wants to work.

Rosalie can be reached at yurosalie@gmail.com.